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About Waumbe

Our Story

We are a fast growing Youth Development Centre in the farming community of Fisantekraal, Western Cape. Waumbe Youth Development, in line with its mandate to equip the youth, believes that the window to economic freedom lies in education and mental empowerment. Through multi faceted interventions rooted in our Academic Development & Innovation; Societal Reform and Achiever’s Awards’ pillars we impact human development holistically.

We cannot build a future for our youth but, we can build our youth for the future. We, as Waumbe, are taking action to build our youth for the future. One individual at a time, family by family, street by street and the entire Fisantekraal community will be transformed.

What We Do

Academic Development

To improve the academic challenges the community is facing we have developed interventions that we believe achieve the desired outcome. The first short-term intervention is our Tutoring Program. This works as a support system to the teacher’s…

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Societal Reformation

From the research conducted we realized that the biggest challenge in Fisantekraal was mindset and lack of purpose in the youth. Therefore, we developed a curriculum that aims to deal with the mindset issues that are faced in the community.…

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Waumbe took a decision to play their part on employment creation, through digital literacy as the world is in 4IR. We took EUC Level 3 as our basic step in our journey. We have identified the nitch of youth sitting in street corners....

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From the research conducted we realized that bullying is one of the greatest challenges facing learners in schools. In 2019, Waumbe, under the auspices of Dr Brenda Matthews launched a directed intervention at 10 primary and secondary...

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Our Programmes


A night of exhange, and ,motivation by the youth for the youth.


A day of exhibition, where industry professionals and youth meet on site in the community.


Small group sessions where assisted learning takes place.


Through online teaching and learning platforms, students gain the knowledge, confidence and competenece to utilize digital aids such as microsoft word excel and powerpoint.


A flagsip event, where development experts from various industries and impact points address and unpack various leadership attributes.


Direct, Facilitated and/or Indirect training in various skills other than academia. Additionally, connecting the youth to various learnerships and training oppertunities external to waumbe as well.

Our Team

Mdu Menze
Chief Executive Officer
Delphino Machikicho
Chief Programmes Officer
Lwando Mzoyi
Finance Team Leader
Tshegofatso Maleka
Secretary General
Kelebogile Thebe
Team Leader
Natasha Mauye
Fundraising Projects
Sipho Msuthu
Team Leader
Mthobeli Lithiko
Team Leader