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About Waumbe

We are a fast growing Youth Development Centre in the farming community of Fisantekraal, Western Cape. Waumbe Youth Development, in line with its mandate to equip the youth, believes that the window to economic freedom lies in education and mental empowerment. Through multi faceted interventions rooted in our Academic Development & Innovation; Societal Reform and Achiever’s Awards’ pillars we impact human development holistically.

We cannot build a future for our youth but, we can build our youth for the future. We, as Waumbe, are taking action to build our youth for the future. One individual at a time, family by family, street by street and the entire Fisantekraal community will be transformed.

Waumbe, is a Swahili word that means “Build them”. Waumbe Youth Development is a registered Non-Profit Organization (178-970) established in 2014 (PBO Number: 930056934) located in Fisantekraal, an informal community near Durbanville, situated in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. Waumbe aims and seeks to progressively develop purpose driven young African youth and equipping them for the future.

In 2015 Waumbe conducted a community study in collaboration with Won Life. The goal of the study was to have a clear understanding of community challenges and identify the causes of poor academic performance and the high numbers of high school learner drop-outs. From this study the results indicated the following factors:

  • Lack of Career Guidance
  • Poor Academic Perfomance
  • Lack of Role Models from the Community
  • Social Decay

Based on the study, Waumbe’s current goal is to implement programmes that progressively address the above factors by addressing the root causes of the identified challenges.

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Waumbe Programmes

Academic Development

To improve the academic challenges the community is facing we have developed interventions that we believe achieve the desired outcome. The first short-term intervention is our Tutoring Program. This works as a support system to the teacher’s work as. Our system of ONE TUTOR to THREE STUDENTS has proved to be effective as learners are able to move at a pace that is comfortable for them.

To consolidate this, we have the Career Development Program where we bring in university students from all the Western Cape universities and colleges to come and share their stories. Secondly, we bring in professionals from similar backgrounds to speak and share their journeys. To triangulate this, we take 100 learners to the Cape Town Career Expo where they will be exposed to a multiplicity of career options.

The last intervention is the Tertiary Application Drive, we help learners and post matric youths to apply to universities in the Western Cape. We have developed this program so much that the universities come to the Fisantekraal community to market their universities and get the applications done.

Societal Reformation

From the research conducted we realized that the biggest challenge in Fisantekraal was mindset and lack of purpose in the youth. Therefore, we developed a curriculum that aims to deal with the mindset issues that are faced in the community. Each month we facilitate a specific theme. What makes Waumbe sessions different is the focus on Experiential Learning. Our sessions are highly interactive, and we believe the best way to learn is by doing. We need to engage all the senses of the person in order to have the best learning experience.


Waumbe took a decision to play their part on employment creation, through digital literacy as the world is in 4IR. We took EUC Level 3 as our basic step in our journey. We have identified the nitch of youth sitting in street corners that dropped out between grade 8 and 12 approximately 60% of them drops out. This qualification is also used as one of the intervention tools to assist them to get a certificate next to their name and give them the much-needed skill as the world moves and already in the 4th Industrial Revolution.


From the research conducted we realized that bullying is one of the greatest challenges facing learners in schools. In 2019, Waumbe, under the auspices of Dr Brenda Matthews launched a directed intervention at 10 primary and secondary schools. The programme evaluates and articulates the prevailing state of bullying behaviour at a particular school using the Matthews Bully/Victim Assessment questionnaire. After collation and analysis of the data we then recommend essential intervention and support strategies that would enhance the school’s ability to provide support to learners, educators, and parents. Through this programme, we will be able to thwart the challenge of bullying in our schools.

Our Team

Mdu Menze
Chief Executive Officer
Delphino Machikicho
Chief Programmes Officer
Lwando Mzoyi
Finance Team Leader
Tshegofatso Maleka
Secretary General
Kelebogile Thebe
Team Leader
Natasha Mauye
Fundraising Projects
Sipho Msuthu
Team Leader
Mthobeli Lithiko
Team Leader