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Lwando Mzoyi

Lwando Mzoyi

Name is Lwando Mzoyi. I am the sixth child of the nine siblings from my parents. I am passionate about youth development, Education and change. I am currently completing my accounting studies. I reside in Fisantekraal, a small developing community situated just outside Durbanville. I arrived in Fisantekraal 16 years ago. Growing up in the city has been both tough and rough.

The upbringing has been extremely challenging as my father had always been the sole bread provider at home. Most of the times, we would have to skip school due to lack of school necessities. Transitioning from primary to high school became a hustle as the community only provided classes up until Grade 9 at the time. I had to attend high school at Hector Peterson Senior Secondary in

Kraaifontein, a community just outside Fisantekraal. The city life is more concentrated around alcohol, teenage pregnancy, gangsterism, school dropout and clubbing. It is almost every young person's tradition to follow in the trail of alcohol. The peer pressure of other peers can be overwhelming and distrustful for a young individual growing up in Fisantekraal. This is mostly impacted by lack of role models around the community.

Personally, I always wanted to change the current situation at home and around the community. At an early age I associated myself with people that would empower and motivate me to become a better person. It is not always easy to choose friends and not all friends are perfect. But I always remind myself that I have a mission to accomplish. I am always reminded by the struggle my parents went through to make me the person I am becoming.

Waumbe Youth organization has brought a new perspective and drive in my life and other young people around the community. The organization has given young people around the community disabled and abled an opportunity and platform to engage in Economic and educational opportunities and Skills Development. Through the organization some of the Fisantekraal high school learners from grade 8 to 12 have

been given extra lessons which played a huge impact on the outcome of their results. The organization has played a huge role in changing the mindset of most young people around the community.

Failure is when one stops trying. I would advise any young person to be aware of their passion, strengths, weaknesses and interest and sought after what is closer to them. It will be never easy, there will surely be drawbacks, delays, disappointments, mistakes, regrets and discouragements. But those should be taken as stepping stones and lessons.

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Amore Fortuin

I am currently a UCT student, doing my B.A in Environmental and Geographical Science and History. Waumbe instilled the necessary skills in me to go out in the world, knowing fully who I am and what I am capable of achieving once I start believing in myself. They assisted me in applying at universities and paid my application fees. They also took me directly to the universities to do my application.

One of my mentors Mauricia told me to "own my story" and since then that has been the motto I apply to everything I do in life. The work done by Waumbe is phenomenal. Giving youth the platform to change without the fear of being judged. Ya'll know my motto "own your story" and never be ashamed of where you come from.